Top 5 Home Design Trends In 2022

The pandemic that has started in the year 2020 has brought a lot of people to spend more time in their homes. The home office has become a trend and more and more people are creating a space for work in their homes.

2022 is fast approaching and we are excited to learn more designs and setups in our homes that promote sustainability and comfort in our daily lives.

Connecting with Nature, Indoor

The pandemic has kept more people inside their houses. To keep the normalcy in their lives, plants inside the house have provided a calm environment, reduced stress, and reinvigorated us. The pandemic has brought realization on the importance of connection to nature. And because the outside world has not been a safe place for everyone, we are bringing outdoor in. In 2022, more greens and natural colors are expected to dominate in interior designs. 

Sustainable Homes

Building a sustainable house does not only save you money by using materials responsibly but it is also friendly to the environment. Living in a sustainable house guarantees comfort and a positive impact on the dwellers. Also, the prices of sustainable houses have higher resell value.

Smart Furniture and Fixtures

Small houses and minimalism have also been popular these days. We are expecting the increase of use of multifunctional and convertible furniture that can also convert spaces like that from the dining area to the living area without spending on additional items at home.

Work-From-Home Setup

Pandemic has driven many to work at their homes. What used to be kitchen counters become office tables during office hours. With the frequent use of zoom and other webinar applications for meetings and conferences, many workers are now investing in making a space in their house for their office needs. Improving a certain space to be a work area also inspires to create a cozy environment that will make working from home fun and comfortable.

Kitchen: A New Look

Most of the 2022 home designs are driven by the pandemic. We are now in post-pandemic time and have been indoors for a lot of time. During the pandemic, dining indoors in restaurants has been prohibited which drove people to dine at their homes. With these, more and more people have found joy in cooking and spending family time in the kitchen. People are now ready to embrace bold colors and designs in the kitchen that express their personality and newfound joy in cooking.  

Whether you are buying a new house, building, or renovating one, considering these trends for home designs will be fun. It is also about being able to express one’s personality while maintaining balance in designs around the house.