A Connecting Point Like No Other

Render connects loan officers and mortgage experts—two key players in the real estate market, who need to have a strong, successful relationship to succeed. Simply put, Render is the go-to platform, the invaluable resource that will bring these partners together. It’s a one-of-a-kind hub that will provide a constant flow of Realtors for loan officers to call on. Instead of spending time taking clients to lunch or presenting to them during Continuing Education seminars, loan officers can spend their valuable time virtually meeting and engaging with potential leads. This way, connecting is easier and more efficient.

What also makes Render unique is that it’s not only a meeting place for industry professionals but also, a rich resource of relevant content designed to help loan officers thrive. Each week, they’ll receive constant, relevant emails, articles, and more. These resources will focus on insider information from industry leaders and equip loan officers with game-changing skills that will help them generate loans.

Other perks include live seminars led by featured guests like, Richard Tocado, CEO and Founder of Render, along with respected EXP Realty Team Leaders, as well as others who are subject matter experts. Professionals also have the opportunity to review one another on the site to share their experiences and vet those they might work with in the future. The cost for becoming a member of Render is just $29 a month. To date, there’s no source like Render for making connections in real estate and helping loan officers become the best they can be.